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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  July 16, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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. vandals destroyed the area in the wake of the george zimmerman trial, we will tell you how a waiter was attacked. and a homeowner is involved in a fire and we will tell you what happened to that homeowner. complete news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, thank you for joining us, i am pam cook. >> and dave clark has -- dave clark has the day off, steve, there is a bit of drizzle out there. this will be the coolest day and even this satellite image is showing, here is my
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good friend sal. san mateo bridge look good and you can see it there, it may affect flights and we are checking it for you. it looks good on highway 4, not really thick fog but the roads are getting busy in antioch. police are investigating a shooting in the city's mission district and joining us from 22nd and bryant here is more on what thinking saying about the victim and the suspect. >> reporter: the victim was apparently alert when the police got here and he said the man who shot him lives inside the same building he does and san francisco police have that building surrounded and you can see they are surrounding it and
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they are earning the potential shooter to give himself up. i want to show you video from where several people were taken out of this home and they were searched. the original shooting was at about 4:30 this morning when paramedics came and transport add man who was still conscious and breathing and police say he is expected to survive. at this point the motive is unclear and back out here live, at this point, they are still locked in a standoff and we are still trying to learn more information about who this person is and again a standoff at the mission district this morning, we will continue to monitor it and bring you any updates as you get them. ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are following developing news where a woman has been
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saved in a house fire. fear crews said they found them locked -- several cats were locked in their kennels and only a fan hull survived. they took over for the third night in a row and tara moriarty is live to tell us about the violence and vandalism, tara? vandals smashed businesses at the corner of telegraph and broadway. you can see where it has been boarded up and we are learning more about a brutal attack. a group of young men splintered off and confronted a waiter and
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because he refused to defend himself he was hit in the head with a hammer. >> now he is known for holding a loaded shotgun to scare them away during an occupied protest. >> this has been an easy mark and they are frustrated with police for not doing more to help. we will get more as they open up their stores this morning and we hope to get some damage estimates at in this point they should run into tens of millions of dollars, tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. and vandalism caused problems for commuters. dozens of people walked right on to north 880 and broadway and shut down a freeway in both
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directions. some drivers expressed support for the freeway protesters >> it doesn't power you that the area is stopped. seems to to get people's attention is really shows this is the kind of stuff that needs to happen. >> police were there and cleared the area in a half hour. they are dealing with violent reactions to the george zimmerman verdict. groups of young people reportedly broke away from the protest in the cent shaw district. they set fires and attacked a photographer and reporter and police made more than 150 arrests and 250 took part in- law less acts. a teen is in the hospital
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after being struck by a police van. it happened at sport an hour howard in san francisco. the teen walked in front of the vehicle and so far there is no word on his condition. the family of fast any is holding out -- daphne is holding out hope she will be found. davis web, daphne's mother will be providing an update on the effort of trying to find baby daphne. she has been missing for six days now. and they are set to face a judge today. barry white is scheduled to be arraigned this afternoon. he is accused of killing two people and injuring the owner at the jewelry mart in brand none street on friday.
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he is headed in a separate incident. they begin three meetings -- the first of three meetings today and secretary of homeland security janet napolitano is the uc president. they are meeting thursday at the mission bay campus in san francisco. they are scheduled to take up secretary of homeland security janet napolitano's nomination and some people have criticized the choice and say she has no experience in university man and. but they -- management but she will help them seek funding. pam, brian good morning, once again we are looking at the roads and they are definitely more crowded than they were a half hour ago. and we have a big delay, it is about a 50 minute delay but you will have to wait and there are
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no problems in the commute to san francisco. also quite a marine layer there this morning and steve will expand on that and you may have to deal with some wet roads if you are driving especially on the peninsular in san francisco. >> a little bit slow as it normally is, and in brentwood, they have a big fire on sunset road near haywood avenue and that area is going to be closed for of the next 3 to 4 hours as they clean that area up. and haven wood expect major delays, let's go to steve. >> we do have a really big fog bank, a couple of reports on the coast, in fact there is still a rip roaring sea breeze. it looks like it bottoms out
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and there is a little low responsible and today looks to be the coolest day and bigger towards the end of the week. low clouds, drizzle, west wind, means 50s and 60s and very low 80s inland and some of the coolest inland. it is being held by all of that cloud cover and it is that little guy and 50s on the temperatures, it is 5 degrees warmer than yesterday. there are some 40s up into lake county and that's a sustained west wind at this. northwest,el the only one south of san jose. livermore, hayward, fso, there is a westerly breeze and fog and low clouds up and down the coast all the way down to san diego, some of the tropical
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moisture is there for the weekend but it is still far out and until then it is a low cloud deck and it is a big one. all the way out from fso, once that low cloud deck burns off, 60s and 70s and these are well below average on the temperatures and we will start a rebound on thursday, it does look warm to hot especially by the week if end. the 50,000 street structure will be built where the structure now stands. it shows the smaller stadium will be the most economically area featured would cost $8.5 million and they would contribute $300 million and that leaves them to pick up the remaining 300 million left.
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>> everybody wanting a new stadium. one of the ohio kidnapped victims is now getting some help, the gift that is giving had he ever another chance. the south florida power plant is no more after the biggest explosion in state history. they are beginning to slow down and we have a new crash reported on the east shore freeway and we will get to all of that straight ahead.
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. this morning, the power plant was wiped out with 50 pounds of dynamite. it was the largest implosion in state history. over the next three years, a 1.2 energy center will produce enough energy to take care of a large area of homes and businesses. they gave michelle knight a $6,000 grant for her to use on housing costs. knight was chosen because she is estranged from her family. she was rescued in may after being held captive in a cleveland home for years.
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and her daughter polley was kidnapped from her home and killed. we are hearing from one of the jurors who ruled not guilty. she said the evidence convinced her, george zimmerman's life was in danger and she did not believe race was a factor. >> i think if there was another person, spanish white, asian, if they came in the same situation where trayvon martin was, i think george would have >> the jury said some members wanted to find him guilty of something but after hours of deliberating and reading over the law, there was nothing to uphold the verdict. they could change
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filibuster rules and they want to keep nominees for top executive jobs. kyla, i understand you just got off the phone from contacts on capitol hill. as of now there is no vote on the filibuster rules and that could change throughout the day. they have threatened to block future legislation at the majority where they plan to change the filibuster rules. they want to lead the federal ad agency and they need to vote in favor of they are confirmation. but there is just 51 votes and that would help over come and they a pointed to people to head the consumer protection bureau and heed to do it -- he had to do with while they were
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in session and they were in session and the president tried to pull a fast one. we will be watching live as senators get to capitol hill and i will have the latest developments when i see you next. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. thank you, we are following breaking news this morning and nasa has decided to abort a space walk and these are live pictures and the space agency says there was a water leak inside an astronauts' helmet. this is the command center controlling the mission and we have not heard anymore injuries but as soon as we get more details, we will pass them a long to you. more than a million people are expected to greet him.
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you can see it and he is scheduled for world youth day. he is going to be getting around in a specially made pope mobile. san francisco supervisors are considering banning advertising in the skies above the race and it comes in response to glowing come -- growing complaints of banners above at&t park and some want to ban aerial advertising across the whole city. sal, is the drizzle affecting traffic at all? >> traffic is affected and i thought i would mention 880 westbound and carl some. and this will be indeed slow if
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they stay there for any length of time. it is unclear if anybody is injured and chp is trying to figure that out. let's look at some live pictures and they are backed out to the maze where metering lights are on. and this morning n-san jose, northbound 280 which is on the right, northbound 280 looks good getting into the valley. it is 6:18 let's go to steve. what a fog bank, lots of low clouds, this is big and strong and it is what we have seen in a long time and it has been moved well inland and they made it into lake county. also some local drizzle and the bay equals a lot of low clouds and you can move her in, that is the low there and they picked that fog bank up. it is actually a little waller
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-- warmer and we had a chance to cool off. 30 miles per hour, most locations 10 to 30 in the santa clara valley and tropical problems it will not impact us but the low cloud deck, drizzle out there and temperatures today will be, well pretty much in the 60s and 70s and a little warmer on thursday and inland as we go into the weekend. have you ever tried setting up an e-mail but the one taken now may be your chance. now you can request as many as 5 of the unused account names. it will let you know which of the names requested they will get by the middle of next month. people had used those accounts and had to log in at least once so they are not given away.
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they hope the tablet will become more popular and that brings the price to 350 without a cover which acts as a keyboard. microsoft has shifted in the first quarter and that gives microsoft less than 2% of the tablet markings. >> and new city highlights, the dangers of deficiency and how you can get it. >> he was logged onto the campus and engaged with students. >> sadly that san francisco state freshman died at a fraternity party, will they get a slap on the wrist or face criminal charges.
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. criminal charges could be filed following a freshman maternity's death. the school responded by kicking the fraternity off campus for alleged hazing. >> ,.
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>> things of that nature had occurred in other areas. charges could follow if the medical examiner determines more information is illegal. vitamin d is produced by the body by spend being time in the sun. it can be found in fatty fish an egg yolks. the national laboratory says a lack of vitamin d-causes bones to prematurely age and become brit tall. parents who serve alcohol to minors can face large fines. parents can be fined $500 for the first offense, 1,000 for the second offense. now a survey in pittsburgh found nearly half of those asked said their main source of
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alcohol came from house parties. the measure will take affect august 14th. and teaming up with finding rover, the free mobile app will reunite lost doing openers right now only 3% are found and the goal it to be ahead of the national animal average. back over to sal, checking in on the commute, people are getting ready to get out the door, what do they need to know? >> we just got word of an injury accident reported by the san francisco fire department. apparently somebody is trapped inside of a vehicle there and this is probably a big deal for people heading north to the golden gate bridge and trying get out of marin and also coming south from the golden
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gate bridge to park presidio. northbound 280 as you drive up to 880, traffic is moving along nicely, southbound 680, on the sunole grade that looks good all the way to san jose. >> we have a rather strong sea breeze and it will be the coolest day of the week, 60s and 70s, pam. >> sounds nice. >> 6:27 just hours ago a shooting in the mission district, the latest on efforts to track down the suspect.
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. welcome back, they are just getting ready to ring the only
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bell on the nasdaq and they are there and celebrating season two of that show and they will be celebrating some good earnings reports and one of the dow jones industrial average's components is celebrating better than expected numbers and dow jones industrial average, we'll see how the market is responding in a little bit. >> thank you, good morning. thank you for joining us on the ktvu channel 2 morning news, i am brian flores, dave clark is off today. >> time now 6:30, we have been following breaking news in san francisco, police are on the scene of a shooting that injured one man in the mission district and alex savage has been on the scene and it is still a very active investigation, right alex? the man who was shot this morning called nine 11 himself and he told officers the man who shot him was living inside
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the building and as we push down the street, you can see some of the officers were ducked behind the squad car right now and negotiations are here from the san francisco police department, they are urging inside the potential shooter in this case, they are here to give themselves up. this all played outright near 22nd street. several people taken from the home and searched by officers, their involvement in all of this remains unclear at this time. the shooting happened 3:30 this morning. police tell us the man is expected to survive and he was the only victim and the motive for the shooting is still unclear at this point but as we bring you back here live, a lot of police activity and officers have this home surrounded and they are trying to get the shooter inside of this home,
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the person involved in the early morning shooting will continue to monitor what is going on here and we will bring up more updated information as we get it. alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. meantime, they rescued a trapped woman and they found more than 100 cats in their kennels. live in san jose, and terms us most of the cats did not survive, janine? >> reporter: that's right, they didn't, a work crew actually just left. they were boarding up windows that were broken from the fire and the only other sign of damage you can see because of the fire was in the back of the house was this charred cat kennel and it is an eerie reminder, nearly 100 dead cats. here is some video of the woman who lives here. she says her dog is a hero.
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her dog bunny alerted her to being on fire and she ran to a patio and while she was waiting to the saved, there was nothing she could do to the 100 cats that were suffocating in this fire. >> they found her on the ground with smoke and fire blowing over the top offer. they were able to cut through the fence and able to pull her out of there. >> 7 cats survived the fire, five are at the animal hospital and may have suffered smoke inhalation. she said she does run a rescue operation and it's completely gutted. she didn't leave any candles on doesn't know how this fire started and smoke alarms did
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not aggravate and firefighters are still investigating what caused the fire. back out here live, there are two surviving cats and they are still here and the kennels are tacked up with a blue blanket over them. the woman did not want them traumatized but they are waiting to be transferred and they are also suffering smoke inhalation. meanwhile the homeowner is waiting here in this white van because she is waiting to see how she will get the cats buried. reporting live janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. three masked men made off with more than $100,000 in julie after a smash and grab robbery in livermore. this is a burglary in progress. it happened around 3:30 at the kay jewelry store and it took
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them only four minutes to burglarize the store. they say they are looking for a suspect who killed two people. he is accused of stabbing two people last wednesday night. they were pumping gas and gleason asked them if they were gain members and it happened several times -- he shot him several times. the agency said the next step will include interviewing first sponsors -- responders, evacuating -- conducting an in- depth examination of the plane's performance. the crown plaza of burlingame has become the temporary home of the victim's
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families. they are doing the best they can to help and he expressed his sympathy and spoke to asiana airlines and said the three families of the girls who were killed should be given special compensation and one of the families lost their open child. they say having all of the emergency victims deleted the blood supply. he talked about why he took the time to donate. >> just to help, i don't know what type of blood i have but hopefully it could help somebody out. >> 67 on the day of the crash, 6 people are still in the hospital, two of them are in critical condition with injuries to the find small -- spinal cord. there does not seem to be much movement in the contract
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negotiations. the two sides only spent 20 minutes at the negotiating table yesterday afternoon. she said they showed up at 4:30 and the talks were over at ten minutes to 5:00. if a deal has not been reached, they will am go on strike again. >> i want to talk well south about a new injury crash in san francisco. >> it is a really bad spot it is a very heavy area and traffic will be slow on park presidio and on fulton and it is a super busy spot and we have details that somebody may in fact be trapped inside of a vehicle and in fact i got a tweet somewhat confirming that the fire department and somebody on the scene said a truck may be flipped over and
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may be inside this car. i have want to move over and they moved it away but traffic is already show and it's backedthis up before you make it on to the stand itself. that will be improve and you can see it is moving past mcgee. low clouds are making it all the way out to travis and that's a huge push with local drizzle and even salinas, high pressure system has been pushed well down to the desert southwest so it is a cooler pattern and this will be the coolest day of the week by far. today we bottom out, low clouds, drizzle, plenty to go
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around, a strong west wind, well inland as well up into lake county and it has enhanced the fog bank and giving us some of that drizzle. some inland temperatures are running cooler and when you get fairfield, that is sustained that is not a gust but that's a howling sea breeze an extra hold on the hair spray. westerly wind for most, southeastly breeze coming in from santa clara valley and most locations have a west wind. and from 84, from clear lake, 85, las vegas, palm springs up and down of the coast, there is a lot out there and low clouds, fog some drizzle, very blustery and breezy at times, san
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rafael. pittsburgh 779 livermore 75, that is cool, cool, berkeley 63, san jose 73, i almost had 79 for morgan hill. fremont 678. 15 -- 78. 150s and 60s on the coast, very low 70s and menlo park and mountain view. it does look warmer inland in fact much warmer and warm to hot away from the coast by the weekend. major league baseball home run derby had fairytale ending. .. >> they put the score packs, back. it become is the first home run derby winner whip is not on the all-star roster. you can watch today's all-star
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game right here on channel 2 and our coverage begins live at 4:30. >> singers hoping to win american idle now have a chance to sing at at&t park. >> that is what pam sounds like during the commercial breaks. >> yesterday many people signed up for the event and spots, they are filling up pretty fast. host ryan sea crest is expected to be there and so far the judges foresees son 13 remain a secret. >> too bad up too old to be on american idle. it hats been four years since a 16-year-old girl said she was gang raped after a homecoming dance and now the fate of the two accused is in the hands of a jury.
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vandals destroyed storefronts in the wake of the george zimmerman jury and we will tell you about an attack on an innocent bystander.
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. if you are a fan of the fog, there you go, there is a lot to go around, mainly 60s and 70s. time now 6:44 here is a look at some of the top
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stories, san jose firefighters rescued a woman from an early morning house fire but they found more than 100 cats stored in kennel and only a handful got out alive. a shooting suspect is believed to be on 22nd. police were called thereby a man who was shot by another man who lives in his building. the man was rushed to the hospital and once again in downtown oakland, they are cleaning up after another night of vandalism. they took over for the third night in a row. here is more with tara moriarty to tell us more about one brutal attack. and the corner of telegraph,
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you can see the shattered display window which has been boarded up. witnesses say a group of young men confronted awaiter inside the restaurant. oakland developer said he was served by that same weighter -- waiter shortly before that brutal attack. >> he wanted to insight action and the waiters and wait dresses sat -- waitresses sat and didn't respond and because he refused to defend himself, he was hit in the head with a hammer. >> now he is known for holding a shotgun during an occupied protest. businesses have been the easy targets during protests. we drove around and notice add bank had been smashed. it happened in the area to
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prevent damage. live in oakland tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. some people are criticizing the police response in downtown oakland. violent demonstrators have now taken over the streets of downtown oakland for three nights in a row and many are thinking the situation is getting out of hand but his hands are often tied dealing with these chaotic situations. >> you give an order to disburse, why not enforce that order. >> well, we will at some point. it depends on the circumstances to area rest so many who broke into a window. >> the chief officer said it was okay.
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they estimated 200 million in damage the company has been selling animal and pet feed for the past 80 years. the cause of the fire is still under investigation but firefighters tell the press democrat that the fire is suspicious and they are following up on damages to identify any of the suspects. the jury is now deliberating in the high school gang rape. they participated in a rape of a 16-year-old girl and if convicted they both face life in prison and two other men have been convicted and two other men are awaiting trial on lesser charges. police have been given the go ahead to buy the armored vehicle. they made a unanimous vote and it will cost 27 5,000 in grant funds and this will be the
6:49 am
first armored vehicle and in the past they had to borrow one from contra costa sheriff's office and we learned about this fear in riverside county. overnight the so called mountain fire was set said to be there and animal age ware is also being monitored and they are on standby incase camp cautious lores -- counselors need to evacuate those kids. let's look at traffic. we are looking at the traffic getting much busier in almost all corridors and the bay bridge is backed up for a 20 minute delay although it is not as busy as it could be i suppose because if you look at the ramp coming in from 880, we don't have a large crowd but
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maybe it will not get that way by now but usually we have a crowd there so that is better than normal let's go take a look at 880 north and southbound and traffic is moving along. and chp officers said traffic is moving slowly past the scene and it will be slow all the way through until you reach carlson, let's go to steve. we have a really big fog bank, this is as big as i have seen in a long time and we also have a big westerly breeze and for some it is more than a breeze, it is downright windy and we have plenty of low clouds to go michael arnett it has maxed itself out. today we have an area of low
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pressure so 50s on the coast and bay and yesterday it was running 3 to 5 degrees cooler and we have too much low clouds and that spin in the atmosphere, it is going toro tate -- rotate out and high pressure will be in tomorrow but today it definitely wins out. temperatures are on the cool, cool side, 50s and 60s and 70s very low 80s, coolest day of the week by far, more so as we head toward friday. a group of deaf customers is now suing the coffee train. they claim they made fun of the way one member talked. they were asked to break up the meeting and discrimination of any time is unacceptable and they are investigating the charges.
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coming up a state supreme court ruling to continue same- sex marriages for now but they are taking members use to stop gay lesbian marriages. they marked the anniversary, stay tuned for more. it starts with something little, like taking a first step.
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and then another. and another. and if you do it. and your friends do it. and their friends do it... soon we'll be walking our way to awareness, support and an end to alzheimer's disease. and that? that would be big.
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grab your friends and family and start a team today. register at . welcome back, taking you
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live to the big board, dow jones industrial average and s&p 500 and nasdaq are slipping despite very good earnings coming in from goldman sachs. coke is also part of the dow jones industrial average disappointed investors this morning. they are trying to make muni safer. uniformed and undercover are looking for addicts. they are looking for people drinking smoking and people trying to board buses. they offered services to help with their additions. >> this kind of activity around the bus shelters erodes the whole confidence of safety around the system. they especially don't want students and it comes as they
6:56 am
are estimating and they are qualify -- qualifying. today marks two years since kenneth harding junior died. he apparently shot himself during an exchange with gunfire with officers after they tried to stop him. the family disputes the officer's accounts and they will attempt to shut down muni at 4:00 and afterwards a vigil will be held at third and oak dale. more parking in san francisco and city planners want builders to create more parking spaces. they are proposing one bike spot per unit which has up to 100 units and it will apply to renovated buildings.
6:57 am
gay lesbian marriages asked them to stop same section march ramels. the supreme court will be considered for a hearing. today is the first back to school shopping spree for some students. one family having a rough time financially and they will have backpacks and supplies and this is the 5th year target and salvation army have teamed up. the toll plaza is picking up and sal, is that the case this morning? it certainly is and we have a backup coming into san francisco which is not unusual and you can see traffic is backed up pretty thick here and once you make it onto the bridge, it is moving okay and if you are driving 880
6:58 am
westbound because of an earlier crash near carlson boulevard. >> a big fog bank and you can see it is pushing inland and cooler for everybody even those well away from the coast. what caused the death of nearly 100 cats in a san jose home. also gunfire in san francisco early this morning, the 911 call that came from the shooting victims themselves. stay with us.
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he refused to defend himself, was hit in the head with a hammer. a restaurant worker in downtown oakland becomes the target of a brutal attack. it came during another night of violence and vandalism. >> reporter: we're live in san jose, where 100 pets have died in a house fire this morning. we'll tell you what they were doing there and how another animal helped save the homeowner's life. >> reporter: and an early- morning shooting in san francisco's mission district leads to a standoff. 'l


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